Candle Safety and Care Guide

The safety and enjoyment of your candle is very import to us.  Please use these simple tips to help get the best from your candle.

Firstly and most importantly please never leave a lit candle unattended or in an area easily accessed by children and pets.  Please also ensure you do not burn it near any flammable items or materials such as curtains or blinds.  Please do not burn your candle in a draught or close to a heat source such as a radiator or fire as this could cause your candle to burn unevenly.  Place on a heat proof surface when lit.

Please stop burning your candle when there is approximately 1cm of wax left in the bottom of the container.  Burning your candle all the way to the base could result in the container becoming extremely hot and risk cracking.

Every time you light your candle and especially on the first burn, please allow the wax to soften and melt all the way out to the sides of the container.  This creates a ‘burn memory’ helping to avoid tunnelling and wasted wax. 

Avoid short burns of less than 3 hours and do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time.  For votives, burn for 2-3 hours at a time.  Short burns may result in your candle tunnelling and waste wax. How your candle performs will also depend on the temperature of the room it is in. 

After your candle has been extinguished, please wait for it to cool then trim the wick down to  5mm before relighting.  This is very important as it helps to prevent soot and smoke and gives your candle a longer life.   We recommend the use of candle wick trimmers.

Your candle is made from a blend of 100% pure coconut and rapeseed wax.  There may be some variation in the surface of the candle when you first light it and when it resets between burns (eg. hairline cracks and dips).  This is a characteristic of our natural wax which is free from the synthetic additives which give other candles a uniform appearance.  These features will not affect performance.  However performance will vary depending on where and for how long you burn your candle.  

The wick is made from cotton and linen.  You may notice that the wick curls slightly to one side when lit.  This is normal for cotton wicks.  If the melt pool becomes uneven as a result please use a suitable implement to gently re-centre the wick again when the candle is cool. 

You may also notice the wick splits or produces a carbon ball or ‘mushroom’ as it burns.  Again this is normal for cotton wicks, especially on the first burn.  If this causes the flame to appear too big or too small, please extinguish the candle, trim the wick then relight.

If your candle gives off sooty smoke or if soot appears on the inside of the container, it is likely that the wick needs to be trimmed.  Please extinguish your candle, allow it to cool, trim the wick and relight.  Any soot on the side of the container can be wiped off with a damp cloth when your candle is unlit.  Similarly if the container feels very hot, extinguish the flame, allow it to cool then trim the wick before relighting.

We advise using a candle snuffer to extinguish your candle.  This will prevent the wick from drifting off centre and maximise burn time.  Blowing out your candle is not recommended as it may splatter hot wax and encourage the wick to glow and emit a small amount of smoke (perfectly normal if a candle is blown out).

Each time your candle is extinguished please carefully remove any debris such as pieces of spent matches or wick from the melted wax.  Take care when touching the container when your candle is lit or just after your candle has been extinguished as it could be hot.  Once your candle has cooled please replace the lid (or use a cloche) as this will prevent dust and debris contaminating the wax and preserve the fragrance oil.  As our natural wax is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, please store it at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight.

Thank you for choosing Red Moss Candles.  We hope you have many hours of enjoyment from your candle. 




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