Our Candle Making Process

Temperature control, formulas, percentages, hot throw, flash point.....You'd be forgiven for thinking you're reading a list of chemistry terms however candle making is all about chemistry with a good dose of skill, craftsmanship and tenacity thrown in.

Many hours are spent researching and testing our formulas and production procedures to make sure our candles produce a beautiful fragrance and burn efficiently with very little, if any, wasted wax.  

Each small batch of candles starts with gently melting our pure coconut and rapeseed wax.  The wax is melted very slowly using the double boiler method.  Once the wax has reached the required temperature and melted completely we add just the right amount of carefully selected fragrance oil to ensure the candle gives a good scent throw without being too strong and overloading the wick or wax. 

The temperature at which we mix the oil and wax is also carefully controlled as each oil has a different flash point at which the fragrance is burned off.  The mixture is then continually monitored until it reaches the required pouring temperature.

Our wicks are made from a cotton/linen blend and are free from lead and other metals.   We take time to test different wick families and sizes to make sure our candles don’t burn too fast or too slow.  We then very carefully centre the wick in to each glass jar then gently warm the jars before slowly pouring the wax/oil mixture by hand in to each container.

The candles are then left to set at an ambient temperature.  Our wax is very reactive to temperature fluctuations and can produce small cracks and uneven tops if allowed to cool too quickly.  These are not faults in the wax, on the contrary each slight imperfection confirms the purity of this vegetable wax unlike some other waxes which have additives included which produce uniform products.  We love the fact that our natural wax gives each candle its own unique characteristics and appeal. 

Our candles are then cured to further improve the cold throw (how the candle smells when unlit) and hot throw (how the candle smells when lit) and are then ready to be despatched to our lovely customers.