Candle Care Set

Candle Care Set

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An stylish addition to any home fragrance collection and an elegant gift for candle lovers.

Candle Snuffer

We recommend avoiding blowing out your candle as this can cause hot wax to splatter, produce smoke and dip the wick in to the wax. 

Our candle snuffer prevents all of these problems and also doubles as an elegant home accessory.

Made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant, sturdy, long-lasting and can adapt to angles and postures. 

Dimensions: Approximately 19cm x 2.6cm x 2.3cm

Wick Trimmer

Make your candle last longer and maintain a quality burn throughout its life with our stylish wick trimmer.  Great for all types of wick and made of stainless steel for durability. 

Trimming the wick to ~5mm before you light it will prolong the life of your candle.  Our wick trimmer features a pre-measured foot which allows trimming to the correct length effortlessly.   The precise cut ensures a cleaner, safer burn by reducing the likelihood of soot and contamination of the wax from debris.

Our wick trimmer has a set of catching trays to collect spent wick and is ergonomically designed to reach in to candle jars.

Dimensions: Approx. 18cm x 6cm x 2.3cm

To reduce packaging the candle care set comes wrapped in black, acid-free tissue paper sealed with a Red Moss label.

Items are also available to purchase separately.